Why Saxon?

Saxon winery was named after the owner’s Anglo-Saxon heritage from their home country, England and their home county “The Kingdom of Kent”.

England’s Saxon history comes from the 5th century when the Saxons migrated from northern Europe after the demise of the Roman empire.

Jutes, Danes, Angles and Saxons came across the sea by oar-driven sailing ships and settled in southern England where they lived for hundreds of years to become known as Anglo-Saxons.

It was not until the 11th century that the Saxon stronghold came under threat from the Normans when the great battle of 1066 – the battle of Hastings – was fought, in which the Saxon King Harold was slain.


From that time on, the Saxons held out until they formed a truce with the Normans creating a division across what became known as Kent in south-eastern England.

Saxon Winery Symbology:

  • The Invicta Horse recalls the great Saxon warrior Horsa who was slain in
  •  Aylesford, Kent. A white horse now stands in his memory.
  • The Dragon recalls the great St. George of England and his victory over the dragon.
  • The Lion represents the great emblem of England – the three lions.
  • The Rose represents not only the English rose – but also the rose of Alberta where the Graydons settled in 2003 with their three children.


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